Let all the products to the United States, impeccable, is Hermes's consistent purpose. Most of the products are hand-crafted, without the person who is called Hermes jewelry replica products for the deep thought, high-grade taste, rich connotation, exquisite workmanship of art. These Hermes boutique, through its spread in more than 20 countries and regions in more than 200 stores, into the fast-paced modern life, let the world return to the traditional elegant embrace.

As of 2014, Hermes had a total of 17 product lines: leather, scarves, neckties, men and women's fashion, perfume, wrist watch, office Boutique, footwear, accessories, horse supplies, household Life series, tableware and jewelry.

Hermès brand all products are selected the best advanced materials, pay attention to craft decoration, exquisite detail, with its excellent quality to win a good reputation. In the history of Hermes, a sensational news event was its zipper-style golf jacket designed for Prince of Wales in 1920, making it the first successful leather costume in 20th century. Hermes ' fourth-generation successor, Gueillan and Robert Dee, on the basis of their leather products, but also developed a perfume, head stickers and other new categories, to the 1960s, the continuous development and growth of the Hermes company has a variety of fashion and perfume and other products. Hermes was still a purely handicraft factory in the 1970, but 15 years later, Hermes has grown into a super multinational company, and today, Hermes is still growing in size.

1970 years later, Hermes Kelly has a unique tag inside the strap, in which the pure letter represents the factory, followed by the year, and the final symbol for the craftsman's code. When the Hermes Kelly package needs to be repaired, it is returned to the craftsman in accordance with this number.

Jane Birkin met a man on Air France's flight in 1984 when her bag was littered with things, so the man next to her said, "You should carry a bag with pockets." Jane Birkin replied, "Wait until the Hermes brand produces a bag with pockets and I will buy it." The man replied, I'm Hermes, and I'll make you a bag with pockets."

This man is Mr. Jean-louis Dumas, Hermes Brand CEO, based on this coincidence, Birkin bag was born. Jane Birkin made a suggestion to design a package that was bigger than Kelly's, with the Birkin bag of the world's most popular. Hermes bag of  and Birkin package Two, two packages have a different style so it is easy to distinguish!

Hermes is not on the network to retail its handbag, but the authentic hermes can sometimes be seen on the C2C website, such as eBay, but tend to be much higher than the price of retail stores.

Hermes new enamel bracelet, are no obvious logo, ordinary enamel bracelet, but also replaced, deco enamel bracelet, no big H enamel bracelet, do not know, will not fire into the year's hermes H bracelet replica same!

Hermes H necklace replica home classic logo modeling side buckle, gold-plated enamel porcelain luxury material, three-dimensional texture handsome pressing, low-key luxury is probably the rhythm!

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